I’m Back.....

So as some of you are already aware I used to write a blog called "One Piece At A Time". Three weeks ago I made the big decision to close everything down & stop blogging altogether, I didn't have it in me to write anymore. It looks like I was wrong because here I am it looks like I still have so much more to say.

To be honest self doubt hit me very hard, so I decided to do what I always do and stay in my comfort zone. It was great for a couple of weeks, I needed the break & I needed to get my head right. What I have discovered is I am still so passionate about autism awareness, acceptance & support, so I decided to get out of my comfort zone once again and just go for it.It isn't until you live with someone with autism or in my case two kids with autism you realise how misunderstood the condition can be. This blog is all about autism awareness, I am hoping by sharing our journey I can give a bit of insight into what living with autism is like. I am not an expert but I am a Mum living it everyday.

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoy following our journey.

Lara xxx

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